प्रवृत्तिभेदे प्रयोजकं चित्तमेकमनेकेषाम् ॥५॥
pravritti bhede prayojakam chittam ekam anekesham ||5||

[RS] 4.5 While the forms may manifest in various ways, the mutable essence (chitta) is the underlying principle of these many forms.

[JW] 4.5 While there is a variety of actions, the mind-stuff which impels the many is one.

[SS] 4.5 Although the functions in the many created minds differ, the original mind-stuff of the Yogi is the director of them all. [p209]

[EB] 4.5 There is one mind, among the many [created by the yogi], which is the director in the different activities [of the different bodies]. [p413]

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pravṛtti = outer (forms of) manifestation

bhede = difference

prayojakam =  causing; directing

cittam =  chitta, i.e. that which is mutable in human beings; mind

ekam = one

anekeṣām = of many