तत्र ध्यानजमनाशयम् ॥६॥
tatra dhyanajam anashayam ||6||

[RS] 4.6 In the various manifestations, the impression engendered by contemplation (dhyana) is free of influences.

[JW] 4.6 Of these [five perfections] that which proceeds from contemplation leaves no latent-deposit.

[SS] 4.6 Only the minds born of meditation [the artificially created ones] are free from karmic impressions. [p210]

[EB] 4.6 From these [five types of minds that possess siddhis], the one born of mediation is without the storehouse of karma. [p414]

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tatra = of these

dhyānajam = resulting from contemplation

aśaya = that which remains; lasting impression

anāśayam = free of influences