कर्माशुक्लाकृष्णं योगिनः त्रिविधमितरेषाम् ॥७॥
karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham ||7||

[RS] 4.7 For a yogi, the law of cause and effect (karma) is neither white nor black, but is threefold for others.

[JW] 4.7 The yogin's karma is neither-white-nor-black; [the karma] of others is of three kinds.

[SS] 4.7 The actions of the Yogi are neither white [good] nor black [bad]; but the actions of others are of three kinds: good, bad and mixed. [p210]

[EB] 4.7 The karma of a yogi is neither white nor black; of everyone else, it is of three types. [p416]

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karmā = actions and reactions; law of cause and effect

aśuklā = not white

a-kṛṣnam = not black

yoginaḥ =  for a yogi

tri = three

tri-vidham = threefold

itareṣām = of the others; for others