ततः तद्विपाकानुग्णानामेवाभिव्यक्तिः वासनानाम् ॥८॥
tatah tad vipaka anugnanam eva abhivyaktih vasananam ||8||

[RS] 4.8 In accordance with this law of cause and effect, the fruits ripen that correspond to the underlying desires (vasanas).

[JW] 4.8 As a result of this there follows the manifestation of those subconscious-impressions only which correspond to the fruition of their [karma].

[SS] 4.8 Of these [actions], only those vasanas (subconscious impressions) for which there are favorable conditions for producing their fruits will manifest in a particular birth. [p211]

[EB] 4.8 From [these three types of karma] the activation of only those subliminal impressions that are ready for fruition [in the next life] occurs. [p417]

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tataḥ = thence

tad = whose

vipāka = result; fruits

tad-vipāka = ripen; come into existence

anu = based on

guṇānām = basic characteristic of nature

anu-guṇānam = accordingly; corresponding to

eva = only

abhi = to

vyakti = manifestation

abhi-vyaktiḥ = to appear; to manifest

vāsanām = wish; tendency; subliminal imprints