Essential Workers Pay the Price

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Bus Drivers Hardest Hit by Deaths as COVID-19 Devastates MTA
"... Ernesto Hernandez became one of the MTA’s first COVID-19 fatalities during the pandemic — and one of seven bus operators, so far, to die from coronavirus...
...Among the at least 33 subway and bus workers who have died from COVID-19,  the MTA’s bus drivers have taken the biggest hit in an agency with more than 74,000 employees..."

A bus driver in Detroit shared a video expressing his frustration with a passenger who was not taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Days later, that bus driver, Jason Hargrove, died

Multi-generational Assault on America

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At a time like this

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At a time like this, scorching irony, 
not convincing argument, is needed. 
O! had I the ability, 
and could I reach the nation’s ear, 
I would, to-day, 
pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, 
blasting reproach, 
withering sarcasm, 
and stern rebuke. 
For it is not light that is needed, but fire; 
it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. 
We need the storm, 
the whirlwind, 
and the earthquake. 
The feeling of the nation must be quickened; 
the conscience of the nation must be roused; 
the propriety of the nation must be startled; 
the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; 
and its crimes against God and man 
must be proclaimed and denounced.

Brooklyn Flatlands Covid19 stats

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Zip code: 11234
Brooklyn Flatlands, Mill Basin and Bergen Beach

 Date cases Per 
 Deaths Per
 07/03 2,291 2,404 191 200
 07/06   2,307 2,421  
 07/08 2,313 2,427 192 201
 07/10   2,316 2,430  
 07/12   2,318 2,432  
 07/14 2,323 2,437  
 07/15   2,326  2,441  
 07/16 2,327 2,442  
 07/23 2,353 2,469 195 205
 07/24 2,355 2,471  
 07/27 2,359 2,475  
 07/28  2,362 2,478  
 08/06 2,399 2,517  

New York City Coronavirus Map and Case Count
 08/06 231,26823,034

Director Revival

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Retreat from Facebook

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I left Facebook and Instagram late 2019 because of their crimes against democracy. Now I find myself digging deeper into web app development using React - a JavaScript library for building user interfaces - created by Facebook! 

Single Character Kill iPhone

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D.I.Y. Photoshop @ Scribe 2018-03-03

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(Event for two sessions. Link now retired. -JHT 2018-02-18)

Youth Workshop: D.I.Y. Photoshop

4 Sessions – Saturdays, Starts Feb 3. 11:00 AM – 1:00PM

Scribe Video Center
4035 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Event Type: 

John Henry Thompson
Have you ever wondered how snapchat filters work? Or those Photo Booth effects? Photo manipulation is a huge part of our 21st century culture. And coding literacy is a core skill at this point. Don’t take for granted how simple it is to click a button to make a photo black & white or pixelated or colorized. In this workshop you will learn the basic mechanics behind photo editing in a “do it yourself” approach. 
John Henry Thompson’s coding language is the predecessor of Flash & JavaScript. Learn from the originator of photo filters. It is an exciting and accessible way to learn “do it yourself” photo editing.
Contact Email Address: 
Contact Phone Number: 
$25, $10 Scribe Member’s Family

DICE is coming!

posted Dec 16, 2017, 12:04 PM by John Henry Thompson

DICE is coming! (sent last month - blogged for legacy)

Please join me at my presentation:

The talk will be about DICE, a software platform in development to explore learning, art and science:

FRIDAY, NOV. 17, 2017. 1:00 PM — 2:30 PM


721 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

DICE presentation at NYU-ITP

posted Nov 21, 2017, 8:37 AM by John Henry Thompson   [ updated Dec 16, 2017, 12:08 PM ]

What a fabulous collaboration with the inimitable, computer scientist, engineer and inventor John Henry Thompson at New York University's ITP Program at Tisch School of the Arts. SO exciting to learn about JT's newest invention - DICE:- an open source platform under development to enable the creation of interactive art. DICE will unlock the power of your devices and enable them to communicate with each other in ways limited only by your imagination. Come join the revolution! Collaborators wanted. 
Contact JHT at
Coincidentally, JT was the keynote speaker at a conference which I along with Marilyn Nance, Bathsheba Okwenje, Sandra Aluoch Simbiri, Omowale Morgan, Afua Brown, Leticia and many others organized and hosted as students at ITP in 1999!!!

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